From The Desk Of The Controller

           Today, we stand in the cusp of enormous changes. Much changes have indeed happened around the turn of the century; yet we seem to be also in the midst of rapid-fire changes in our external environment. Technology has changed and remains continually a-changing. In the process the wide world has shrunk and in a manner of speaking been encapsulated in the world-wide-web (www). We believe all these changes provide a platform that could be leveraged for the benefit of the entire humanity. 

           We, in CDA, Bangalore, thought it appropriate to join this mainstream of activity and provide the best services possible to all our customers and stakeholders. Last year we put in place our own website that was aimed at helping all of us in providing better services. We quickly realized that it takes two to tango and we could provide our services best if our customers and stakeholders joined hands with us through exploitation of our site as well as giving us their responses and positive feedbacks so that we could improve our services further. Kindly give us your feedback and suggestions. We are keen that the website is leveraged full tilt to bring in an atmosphere of efficiency, economy and transparency. Over time we plan to harness newer ideas and techniques that shall conspire to help us in our march towards our goal to provide quick and flawless service to our customers. 

           We are in the process of developing different websites for our Pay Accounts Offices and we are hopeful the same shall fructify shortly. Till such time we would like our customers of all the sub offices under CDA Bangalore to use this website in communicating with us with their valuable suggestions and grievances. You can rest assured all your suggestions and grievances shall be looked into very quickly and acted upon.

           Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2008.

Sudhansu Mohanty